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Popular Museums in Vienna, Open Days, Ticket Prices and Touristic City Cards

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Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. One of the most important reasons for this lies in the fact that it has numerous and unique museums. In this article, I will talk about the document in which we collected the information about museums.

The most difficult thing when planning a trip to Vienna was which museums we would visit and when. And when high ticket prices and various city cards or bundle options were added to it, we were thoroughly confused. Imagine that there are more than 100 museums in Vienna.

For this reason, I have made a list of Vienna museums that are of interest to us, in the Google document I have shared the link below. In the document, you can find Vienna’s popular museums, their prices for regular, Vienna Pass, Vienna Card, entrance times and days they are closed. This will make your planning a little easier 🙂

Viyana Ulusal Müzesi ziyaret edilmesi gereken Viyana müzelerinden birisidir.

To summarize, there are three main types of tourist city cards in Vienna:

Vienna City Card

Its main purpose is transportation. There are 1,2 and 3 day options. In addition to transportation, it also provides a few euros discount at some museums. If you use public transportation frequently and you will enter several museums, it may be advantageous.

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In case you only want to take advantage of basic city transportation and discounts:

  • 17 Euros for 1 day
  • 25 euros for 2 days
  • 29 euros for 3 days

If you want 24-hour hop-on hop-off or airport transportation, prices increase.

You can purchase Vienna City Card by clicking here.

You can see the list of which museums or partners have discounts here.

Regular Transport Tickets

Let’s take a look at the regular ticket prices to see if the Vienna City Card is really an advantageous card. You can find all transportation tickets on this site. As you can see on this page, 1,2 and 3-day transportation tickets cost 8, 14.10 and 17.10 Euros, respectively. As a matter of fact, Vienna City Card charges a fee of 9-12 Euros for the discounts/advantages it provides. When we made the calculations for the places we were going to enter, we saw that it was head-to-head with the Vienna City Card and finally we decided to buy a regular transportation card.

Vienna Pass

The Vienna Pass is a special city pass for museums and events. With the Vienna Pass, you can enter more than 70 museums. You just have to decide how many days card you want. Of course, with such a wide selection, the price is accordingly expensive.

  • 85 Euros for 1 day
  • 119 Euros for 2 days
  • 149 Euro for 3 days
  • 189 Euros for 6 days

Vienna Flex

The Flexi card is also provided by the same company as the Vienna Pass. There are 2 important differences:

1- Less places to enter with Flexi (around 40)

2- With the Flexi card, you decide how many museums you want to enter, not the day. You must use your other rights within 60 days after the first use.

  • 2 museum visits 47 Euros
  • 3 museum visits 59 Euros
  • 4 museum visits 75 Euros
  • 5 museum visits 89 Euros

You can find the full list of where you can enter with Pass and Flexi cards on their website: In the list, the yellow dots on the museum pictures show the places where the Vienna Pass passes, and the green dot shows the places where the Flexi card passes.

Vienna’s Popular Museums and City Card Comparison Spreadsheet

Well, we counted a lot of things, which card should I buy? The document we have prepared will be of use to you right here. On a single page, you can see the most popular museums, their regular fees and which card offers how much discount!

First, decide on the museums you want to go to (we think this is the hardest part). Then compare regular entrance fees and discounted rates with city cards. With simple math, you can see which card is more advantageous for you.

You can find the document below. To the right we can see other columns. It has been prepared in English so that more people can benefit.

If you want to add more museum information or if there is any missing or incorrect information, please comment!

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